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Recreation in Laspi. Crimea

Laspi Bay.
Laspi Bay is located on the southern coast of the Crimea, not far from Forosa towards Sevastopol. Restricted to Cape Sarych from the east and reserve Ayya - from the west. Conditionally divided into two parts - Laspi and Batiliman.

Even if you never had not previously visited Laspi, you will see in speaking rocky ridges and outline coast elusive something familiar. Do not be surprised, this place is a source of inspiration for many artists.

Private sector in the Bay Laspi not. If you go to rest, it will have to choose between two extremes - the organized recreational (in boarding houses, sanatoriums, houses) or recreational absolutely "wild" (camping).

Batiliman fold so beautifully, but the sea here is so clean that area sanatorium "Batiliman" arranged the whole tent city. This is in spite of some problems with shops and water. In Batilimane no shops and cafes (with the exception of a single bar on the beach sanatorium). The place is very convenient for the rest autotourists (good check-in and eat, where to place the machine).

At Yalta, Sevastopol route, is located above the bay Laspi lookout platform. Opens type - remarkable. If you pass past, we recommend to stop and look.

Ukraine visa

Applicants for tourist visas require a letter of confirmation from a hotel or tour company; for business visas a letter of invitation from a company or organization in the Ukraine is required. Citizens of the US, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Slovakia and Turkey do not need invitation letters to obtain a visa. On arrival, all foreign nationals must fill in an Immigration Card, to be presented when entering and leaving the country. EU citizens do not require a tourist visa for stays of up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

Americans: US nationals require a passport, but no visa is required for a stay of up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

UK nationals: UK nationals require a passport, but no visa is required for a tourist stay of up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

Canadians: Canadians require a passport, but no visa is required for a stay of up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

Australians: Australians require a visa and a passport to enter the Ukraine.

New Zealanders: New Zealand nationals require a visa and a passport to enter the Ukraine.

Military tour

Especially for those who are keen on aviation and all that it involves, as well as not to look away land from a height - a programme of flights on military-type fighters and gunships SU-27UB, MiG-29UB, L-39 and MI-8 helicopter from airfields Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

The flights were conducted by the Ministry of Defence airfields near the city of Mirgorod and Uman (central region), and Kirovske (Crimea).

Participants in these exciting programs can get the whole package of services, including accommodation in comfortable hotels, meals, transfers to places of activities, services of an interpreter and trainer, clothing, as well as prizes and commemorative gifts.

Top of the sky in the cabin of military fighter aircraft or gunships, flying at a military helicopter - is incomparable to anything fun, far superior on the severity of sensations common aviation computer games. It is participating in the summer programme of "Alaris" You can feel this air Al. Incidentally, the Air Al.
In Ukraine and outside the well-known aviation unit "Ukrainian Falco." Without it is not no big international air show, where Ukrainian Al show the wonders of modern fighter pilot. "Ukrainian Falco" - indispensable parties traditional flying competitions, which take place in the town of Farnborough (UK). Here they have won prizes and, in some types of programs they awarded WBA title.
But not in vain say that it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Do not refuse and you follow this wise advice.

Estimated cost of flights (simple pilotazh)
The flights are carried out in the airport zone or on special route, as a rule, visually, that is, with good visibility earth's surface.
Type Price (USD)
2 flight on L-39 2000.00
Su-27UB 11000.00
MiG-29UB 9500.00
MI-8 (12 persons per hour) 2000.00
The cost of the flight include:
-- Repair and maintenance of aircraft
-- Ground and air radio
-- Fuel for the duration of the aircraft
-- Use of premises for coaching and recreation
-- Medical examination
-- Instruction
-- Predpoletnoe medical examination
-- Pre-Planning
-- Predpoletnaya training
In accordance with the requirements of the minimum duration flight training and combat aircraft SU-27, MiG-29, L-39 is 30 minutes.

Opening-closing lamp is considered the starting point of time of flight.

P.S. Anthem ship fighters, beautiful sincere movie.