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Recreation in Laspi. Crimea

Laspi Bay.
Laspi Bay is located on the southern coast of the Crimea, not far from Forosa towards Sevastopol. Restricted to Cape Sarych from the east and reserve Ayya - from the west. Conditionally divided into two parts - Laspi and Batiliman.

Even if you never had not previously visited Laspi, you will see in speaking rocky ridges and outline coast elusive something familiar. Do not be surprised, this place is a source of inspiration for many artists.

Private sector in the Bay Laspi not. If you go to rest, it will have to choose between two extremes - the organized recreational (in boarding houses, sanatoriums, houses) or recreational absolutely "wild" (camping).

Batiliman fold so beautifully, but the sea here is so clean that area sanatorium "Batiliman" arranged the whole tent city. This is in spite of some problems with shops and water. In Batilimane no shops and cafes (with the exception of a single bar on the beach sanatorium). The place is very convenient for the rest autotourists (good check-in and eat, where to place the machine).

At Yalta, Sevastopol route, is located above the bay Laspi lookout platform. Opens type - remarkable. If you pass past, we recommend to stop and look.

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