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Reserve Stone Tombs.

Reserve Stone Tombs ( "KAMENNYE MOGILY")

The integrated nature reserve. Located in the Donetsk region Volodarskom area (300 hectares) near the village Nazarovka and Kuybyshevskom area Zaporizhzhya region (100 hectares) along the right bank of the river Karatysh, left the river flow of Berdy. Founded on April 5, 1927

The reserve is a rocky exits height of 50-70 metres middle of the steppe, formed 2 billion years ago due to volcanic eruptions. The chain of mountains consists of West and East ridge. The height of 200 meters peaks A granite ridge on the chemical composition and physical structure are unique. A granite outcrops combined with plots of virgin steppe.

Here at the same time can be seen traces of life on their various cultures and peoples of origin. At this place at different times inhabited by ancient hunters, herders, farmers, later passed on this land Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians, Huns, Hazaras, Cumans ...

In the caves and grottoes Stone Tombs concentrated more than three thousand rock drawings from the Stone Age to the Bronze age and the lateness of the hour.

In reserve grows 29 species of flora made in the Red Book of Ukraine. Flora has 468 species of vascular plants, 38 - algae, 78 - lichens, 182 - mushrooms. Among the plants growing on the territory of the reserve, there are absolute endemic, among them the naked trees. Fern-vudsiya alpine except reserve, is not found closer than 1000 km away.

Mining for religious education was yamnyh representatives, katakombnyh carcass and cultures. At the perimeter of the reserve located Scythian burial mounds. The first ring barrows diameter of 5 km, the second - 17 km. A central reserve exhibited ancient manor stone womans, brought from different places in the steppe.

According to academician versions Kudryashova May 31, 1223 Stone graves in the territory of a fortified camp was located in Kiev prince Mstislav during the Battle of Kalke.

It is believed that Stone Graves, all famous ancient Stonehenge (Britain) and the Egyptian pyramids! Over the millennia, it remains a place of worship for many people.

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