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Biosphere Reserve Askania Nova.

Biosphere Reserve Askania Nova Nova Kakhovka.
The area of the reserve amounts to 33 307.6 hectares, of which 11 054 hectares - "absolutely protected" steppe zone. In this area, found more than 400 species of herbs and flowers, more than 60 species of birds.

Biosphere Reserve Askania Nova - a unique corner of nature: here is the only station in Europe steppes, who had never dealt with the plough (once excavated will not be restored steppe). Reserve Nova Kakhovka assigned to "100 great reserves and parks" Peace same book, published in Moscow publishing house "Veche" in 2002 (author-originator Yudina NA). Museum under the open sky: here alone preserved ancient burial mounds, stone Scythian women, created by ancient sculptor. The reserve covers an area of 11 thousand ha.; adjoins the forest park with artificial ponds and canals, where inhabit many animals and birds. In Askaniyskoy steppes more than 400 species of herbs and flowers, cereals dominate.

In late April start tulips bloom, then irises, astragalus, hyacinth, lyutiki. In May - carnations, daisies. In summer steppe, muffled in the fir haze kovylya, transfused waves from the slightest breeze blow. Askaniysky park covering about 200 hectares. It differs from the wild steppe zone. It is divided according to a strict plan. The park about 150 kinds and forms of trees and bushes. Ilex maple, Crimean pine, pyramidal and kolonnovidny oaks, juniper, elm, spruce, ash, white acacia, near water - weeping willows. Centre songs Park - a picturesque pond.

On the territory of the reserve can meet representatives from more than 60 species of birds, nesting in virgin steppe 16 species, a lot happens in the passage. The park about 40 species in the waters about 30 species of birds. In spring audible voice swans - Whooper. White and black swans, flamingoes, cranes, Bustard, little bustard, gray partridges, most of all different types of Lark. Steppe eagle - a rare guest, often steppe moon can be seen flying low over land. In enclosures - African ostriches, em, Nande, Bustard, pheasants, peacocks, steppe eagles, cranes, parrots.

In a certain reserve zoo contains a unique collection of animals. Zebra, the South American camels, Indian and African antelope, deer. In steppe grazed Lama, Scottish pony, wild horses - tarpany (Przhevalskogo horse), American bison, kafrskie buffaloes; Saygaki - ancient ungulates, peers mammoths. In the water saigas need only during severe drought. Small animals are many: the mouse, hamster, is and jerboa. Predators-ferrets, foxes, meet and ermine.

From the left bank of the Dnieper river bottom until the Azov Sea was once virgin steppe, where herds pasla tours and other hoofed animals. Now, this pristine steppe retained only within the boundaries of the reserve Askania - Nova. Town Nova Kakhovka is in the Kherson region, 75 kilometers away from New Kahovki (45 km. Kahovki from New Chaplynki and up to 30 km. Chaplynki from before Askanii-New). Railway communication with the town, Nova Kakhovka to date not.

History Reserve Nova Kakhovka

As in 1874 F.E. Falts - Fein, the award for successfully passing an examination in the gymnasium, his father received from the enclosures for birds. After 15 years after graduating from university, Falts - Fein Jr. founds akklimatichesky unique park. Then allocates plot of virgin steppe 500 dessiatinas and announce its protected at all times. The reserve is adjacent to the forest park. For forest plots were cubicles virgin steppe, where lived, brought from everywhere, antelope, bison, zebra, ostrich. In acclimatization park to work on the domestication of animals.

Notably, antelopes - kan, very cautious and avoid at home in Africa to communicate with the person in Askanii - New were so tame that allow themselves to. In 1910 at the zoo came zoological station. Has a great selection work. In 1919, Askania - Nova was declared a people's park, and then the public steppe reserve. In 1921 in the border reserve Askania - Nova was included acclimatization center steppe, forest and savannah animals, which awarded the maximum freedom.

At the area were fighting two warrior - Civil and Second World. After the last sanctuary survived the pressure entities - he was impatient to use the land for grazing. The reserve firm, was preserved and continued the case F.E. Falts-Feyna.


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