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Wizz Air Ukraine, the first low cost airline in Ukraine.

      Wizz Air Ukraine, the first low cost airline in Ukraine, announced that it will start operating an initial network of seven Ukrainian domestic routes from its operating base at Kiev Boryspil Airport on 11 July 2008. Wizz Air Ukraine will provide low fare air travel service from Kiev Boryspil Airport to Lviv, Odessa, Simferopol, Kharkov and Zaporozhye. Of particular interest to travellers are the flights from Kiev to Simferopol, gateway to the Crimea resort.
      In October-November this year in the Ukrainian market of air transportation may appear, another budget carrier, and as soon as possible in this market segment in the budget will work 4-5 such operators. The Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine is negotiating with three potential carriers.
      There is negotiations with Al Arabia (Sharjah) and German Wings (Germany). In 2009 the number of customers low cost companies will be around 2 million people, projected at the State Aviation Service.
     Tickets for domestic flights can be purchased at a price of 79 UAH ~ 16 USD . (one way, taking into account the taxes and fees) - at the company's website or through its call center.

     Despite the obvious advantages for the Ukrainian passengers to exit the domestic market low cost carriers overshadowed by the presence of a number of objective problems. First, because the airlines are using low liners Boing-737 and Airbus-320, they face the unwillingness to take these airports Ukrainian side. Planes such class without restrictions are only in five cities: Borispol, Simferopol, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhya. Actually, do not take in Chernivtsi, Uzhgorod and Lugansk. In Kharkiv have limitations connected with insufficient runway length, its coating, the state of taxiways. This fact greatly restricts the location and frequency of low cost flights, experts note.
Most Ukrainian airports is not ready to take low cost liners - Boing-737 and Airbus-320
    The second problem - a low passengers, who questioned the success of the carriers. According to official figures, Ukrainian airports annually miss about 4 million man. These are people with the level of prosperity far above average. Experts estimate that only 20% of them might prefer low price comfort. For comparison: in Europe enjoy the services of budget airlines at least 20% of passengers, most of whom are representatives of the middle class, ready to sacrifice comfort for low prices. In addition, "Ukraine is not a member of" Open Sky ", and to organize international routes have to change many bilateral treaties.
Meaningful work on the Ukrainian market low cost could not earlier in 2010
    Thus, the projected professionals to fully work on the Ukrainian market low cost could not earlier in 2010. Although the emergence of such companies will become more relevant than with the approach of European Football Championship in 2012. Not all fans will be willing to pay around $ 500. At the same time, if the flight will cost EUR50, an influx of tourists to Ukraine will grow significantly.

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